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Automated polymer testing system garners top prize at Startup Stadium competition

The CubeOne system developed by LabsCubed (Kitchener, ON) accelerates physical testing of polymers and improves consistency by eliminating human error.

An automated polymer testing system and associated software developed by LabsCubed (Kitchener, ON) sufficiently impressed judges to walk away with the top prize at the first Startup Stadium competition today at PLAST-EX and the Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo in Toronto.

LabsCubed Chief Technical Officer and company co-founder Ammar Jafar and the CubeOne system at the Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo in Toronto. 

The tabletop CubeOne system accelerates physical testing of polymers and improves consistency by eliminating human error. It accommodates various sample shapes and sizes and tests tensile and tear strength. “Compared with vertical universal testing machines, where the technician runs a test, waits, and runs the next test, the CubeOne automates the process,” explained Ammar Jafar, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of the company. “The technician loads the tray with 12 samples, loads the tray in the machine and presses start. The technician can now walk away and perform a value-added task rather than wait around.”

Once the testing has run its course, the results are uploaded to the cloud, where they can be accessed from anywhere. “Because the process is automated, it’s more consistent and it gives you a common base that lets you compare results,” added Jafar. You can get visibility into why results may differ between labs, he said. “Because there is no more human error, you can look at the processes that led up to testing.”

LabsCubed is a little less than three years old, and it presented the system for the first time in October 2018 at the International Elastomers Conference. Since then, it delivered its first machine to a customer in March and another delivery is in the pipeline in the third quarter. The company is currently limiting sales to nearby provinces and states so that it can provide effective support to customers, said Jafar. It plans to expand sales throughout North America soon. Its prize as the winner of the Startup Stadium competition—a free booth at an Informa plastics show of its choice—certainly will help with broadening that marketing effort.

The Advanced Design & Manufacturing (ADM) Expo runs through June 6 at the Toronto Congress Centre. The event includes PLAST-EX, PACKEX, Design & Manufacturing, ATX Automation Technology and Powder Bulk Solids. For more information, go to the event website.

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