Delta T introduces first version of Eco Series Temperature Control Unit

Delta T Eco Series temperature control unitDelta T Systems (Richfield, WI) has introduced its first version of the new Eco Series Temperature Control Unit designed to deliver energy efficiency and reliability. DOE (Department of Energy) 2020 compliant for energy efficiency, the pumps produce higher outputs measured in flow and pressure compared with existing designs. Additionally, energy consumption is significantly reduced. 

The standard two-tank construction allows for a maximum of 24-kW heating in compact cabinetry, noted Delta T in its information. Alternatively, the second tank can be used for a water-to-water heat exchanger for indirect cooling.

The unit also has several built-in safety features, including a bi-metal switch that protects the heater from overheating, circuit protection for the motor, a high-temperature pump seal and dry-run protection for the heater.

Delta T also explained that a “judicious set of design improvements and material selections makes the new generation of temperature control units less susceptible to traditional maintenance problems.”

The new generation Eco Series Temperature Control Unit has an industrial-strength frame and cabinetry; lift-off panels on the side for easy access; IEC-compliant components; and a compact heater design that allows for higher capacity with a smaller footprint.

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