Delta T Systems introduces Smart Temperature Control unit

Delta T Systems' Smart Temperature ControllerDelta T Systems (Richfield, WI) has introduced its next generation of process controllers, bringing significant improvements to temperature-control systems. The platform is Industry 4.0 ready with an optional Ethernet port. It has integrated, preventive maintenance warnings for seal life, motor starters and heater run time. The system also includes an adjustable automatic vent sequence for easy startup.

The new temperature control units use transducers to monitor the operation, including digital pressure and temperature readings for water traveling to and from the process and digital flow. It also includes what the company says is the only available ambient dew point control feature, which will prevent damaging condensation in the system.

The new pump design is compliant with DOE energy conservation standards, reducing energy consumption significantly. It also produces higher outputs measured in flow and pressure compared with the existing design.

The Smart Temperature Control unit also uses solid-state relays for the heaters and modulating valves for cooling/venting instead of traditional solenoid valves. Built-in safety features include a bi-metal switch that protects the heater from overheating, circuit protection for the motor, a high-temperature pump seal and dry-run protection for the heater.

Data collection includes captured information that can be used either for real-time control adjustments, diagnostics and alarms, or for historical analysis.  Communication capabilities include industrial network interfaces and cloud-based distribution to remote PCs, tablets or phones to facilitate supervision and remote diagnostics and maintenance.

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