Delta T Systems Introduces Stacked Eco Series Temperature Control Unit

Delta T Systems' temperature control unit
Eco Series temperature control units from Delta T Systems are now available in a stacked design.

Delta T Systems has introduced a stacked design of its Eco Series temperature control unit (TCU). The Eco Series utilizes a new pump design that produces 50% to 100% greater flow at the same pressure point on the pump curve, compared with other current models. The reduced energy consumption is in compliance with the Department of Energy’s 2020 Conservation Standards, which took effect in January this year.

The new TCUs are available with pumps rated from ¾ to 3 hp producing up to 130 GPM output. Increased pump output allows customers to select a lower horsepower motor for any given performance level, which will immediately lower energy consumption by 20 to 50%, according to Delta T Systems.

The compact, black cabinetry combines analog pressure gauges and a digital display, along with a new two-tank design that allows for a maximum of 24 kW heating in the standard unit. Water temperatures up to 300o F are possible. Alternatively, the second tank can be used as a water-to-water heat exchanger for indirect cooling.

Delta T Systems manufactures water and oil TCUs, as well as air- and water-cooled chillers in various sizes and temperature ranges from 0o F (-18o C) to 650o F (343o C).

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