Dew point monitoring prevents damaging moisture condensation during process chiller operation

Delta T SystemsIndustrial processes that require thermal energy management can now incorporate ambient dew point as a control system variable. Delta T Systems (Richfield, WI) has incorporated this feature as standard on all process chillers it produces.

The Delta T Systems controller is designed to monitor and adjust the chillers’ set point temperature at or above ambient dew point temperature. When the dew point temperature increases above the process control temperature, the controller automatically adjusts the set point to track with the dew point. This automatic adjustment yields numerous benefits, including decreased scrap rates, increased polymer strength, improved polymer appearance, decreased unsanitary conditions and extended equipment life.

The major benefit of automated dew point/set point process control is condensation prevention. When process temperature is kept above an ambient dew-point, no condensation occurs. Conversely, when it is below, potentially damaging condensation can occur. By preventing condensation, Delta T Systems’ proprietary controller can help decrease production equipment damage or catastrophic failure.

The variable speed chillers come standard with an on-board ambient temperature and humidity sensor that allows the controller to monitor the dew point in a production area. With this sensing capability, Delta T Systems is the only process chiller manufacturer to control all aspects of water-cooled applications, claims the company.

Delta T Systems manufactures water and oil temperature control equipment, as well as portable air- and water-cooled chillers. The company’s full line of system solutions come in a range of sizes and with temperature control ranges from 0° to 650°F (-18° to 343°C).

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