Flowise celebrates 10 years of innovation in cooling components for plastic injection molding

Flowise flow regulators

Flowise (Cornaredo, Italy) was started 10 years ago by two brothers, Luca and Fabrizio Casazza, who wanted to offer innovative products to the plastics processing market. It recently announced the production of a new series of flow regulators for cooling water and other fluids used with injection molding, blowmolding and thermoforming machinery.

Flowise products include double-hydraulic manifold flow regulators with water temperature control, single-manifold models and a Mini specifically designed for low-tonnage machinery.

The products are machined from a 60-mm Plexiglas block to prevent water leaks and high-temperature deformations that may occur with flow regulators assembled from single molded pieces. A modular system allows processors to create models with 7 to 24 control areas. In each module, the floats can be replaced and made from different materials—PVC, anodized aluminum and brass—and offer four measured flow rates up to 25 liters/minute.

All Flowise flow regulators are 20-bar pressure tested before being marketed to ensure operational safety, and are designed for easy cleaning, maintenance and durability. They are customizable to accommodate machinery manufacturers’ specific requests. The company offers anti-corrosion blue and red aluminum manifolds in 20-mm thicknesses.

Flowise also produces filtering systems that address issues related to the proliferation of rust, limestone, algae and bacteria in cooling water.

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