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Engineered Printing Solutions (East Dorset, VT) has introduced a 14-color servo-driven circumferential catheter printer that eliminates the need to manually reset the printer table depth each time a different diameter tube is ready for printing.

 The z-axis drive in the redesigned KE13 pad printer allows for various diameter tube sizes to be programmed along with the appropriate stroke depth.

PlasticsToday Staff

April 13, 2015

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Fourteen-color catheter printer eliminates manual resets

The catheter bed is adjusted with a two-position pneumatic actuator that allows positioning for ease of load. Once the bed is loaded, the pneumatic actuator moves back into position for printing.

The system enables compression of two linear pads that fan out pneumatically, allowing for sufficient spacing between each pad to accommodate possible pick up of 13 colors. Adjustable vacuum control provides ample suction for holding each tube diameter and length for proper registration.

Both cliché supports are mounted on a single sub plate that slides out of the machine on linear guide rails to simplify change overs. This allows for faster product changes and reduces setup time by as much as 90%, according to the company.

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