Inclined ejection unit from Meusburger facilitates demolding

Need a new and easy way to eject undercut parts without using a slide? Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG (Wolfurt, Austria) has a solution: The E 3248 inclined ejection unit used in combination with the E 32481 ejector.

Because of its small height, the inclined ejection unit can be installed inside the ejector set in a space-saving manner. The high-quality material and precise design of this product minimizes wear. An optimal match, also available from Meusburger, is the E 3249 support plate, which may serve as an additional guiding element. The entire product range for quick demolding of complex parts is available from stock.


Meusburger manufactures precision standard mold components for the global tool and moldmaking industry. More than 14,000 customers worldwide benefit from the advantages of standardized mold components and the company's 50+ years of experience in steel fabrication, said Meusburger's information.

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