Kistler offers range of tools for achieving zero-defect production

Processors are continually on the look-out for controls, sensors and process monitoring systems that can optimize processes, reduce cycle time and improve quality in production. Kistler Group (Novi, MI) recently introduced its new CoMo DataCenter 2.0 (CDC) for data management and analysis of injection molding processes. The CDC complements Kistler's CoMo injection system, which allows cavity pressure–based quality monitoring and documentation of injection molding processes. With this package solution, users can optimize the quality of their series production by integrating process monitoring directly in the manufacturing process. The result is that waste will be detected and rejected as it occurs and manual quality checks can be dispensed with. This enables manufacturers to reduce material and production costs.

CDC links all of the user's CoMo injection systems together, seamlessly combining process- and quality-related production data for both live and completed orders in one database. In addition to receiving at-a-glance information about the status of each injection molding machine, users can monitor production and analyze processes across multiple machines. For example, they can see which machine is generating particularly good or poor performance values. All data can be accessed through a web browser, even from a mobile device, for complete transparency at any time and from everywhere in the world. As a result, users can meet the growing customer demand for documentation and traceability of production data.

CoMo DataCenter 2.0 is easy to install with all the necessary software components integrated in an installation package that can be launched with just a click. CDC accesses an integrated database, which means there is no need to purchase an additional database. "CoMo DataCenter 2.0 offers optimum production management features," explained Daniel Fick, Product Manager at Kistler. "It's easy to compare the status, effectiveness and capacity utilization of machines."

CDC's detailed data history is quick and easy to search with the help of various filters, enabling the user to easily perform multi-stage searches for production orders and batches, said Kistler's information. To analyze process fluctuations and reject cycles in detail, CoMo DataCenter 2.0 comes with a range of evaluation functions that include interactive trend graphs for all recorded production cycles, which legibly reveal fluctuations, and a detailed curve analysis for subsequent causal research.

Kistler also has a range of new sensors and systems for inspecting the quality of injection molding processes through its comprehensive process monitoring, which pursues 100% quality in series production, zero-defect production and resulting minimal manufacturing costs. "Sensors and systems by Kistler turn these objectives into reality," said the company.

They measure and analyze the cavity pressure in injection molding, monitor the process and filter rejects out as soon as they occur. Integrating quality inspection into the actual injection molding process itself brings about considerable technical and economic advantages, such as cost reduction and time savings.

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