NPE2018: The coolest thing we saw on day 3

Self-cleaning water filtration systems from Tekleen Automatic Filters Inc. (Los Angeles, CA) are touted as “stainless steel filters at carbon steel prices,” but to get eyeballs on the NPE2018 show floor, it’s all about Legos. At booth S10118, the company is showing a large cutaway filter built entirely of the iconic plastic bricks.


The fully automatic filters require no external power and are virtually maintenance free, according to the company. Water filtration is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to prevent equipment fouling and scaling caused by dirty water, the company adds.

The water filter model may not rise to the level of the grandiose architectures at Legoland, but it’s still pretty impressive and we applaud the folks at Tekleen for bringing a bit of Lego magic to North America’s largest plastics show.

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