System processes low-bulk-density regrind at accelerated rates

Movacolor blenderA recently introduced gravimetric dosing system enables low-bulk-density regrind, such as PET bottle flake, to be processed at rates up to 700 kg/hr (1,540 lb/hr). The system’s static and dynamic mixer combination can blend up to 75% of flaky regrind with the primary material. Movacolor (Sneek, Netherlands) debuted the MCHigh Output 2500R system at Fakuma in October 2018.

The system includes an integrated hopper loader. It is compatible with materials dried at temperatures up to 180°C (356°F). The modular design can be extended with one or two gravimetric dosing stations for in-line color and additive dosing.

Automatic compensation of color and additives based on the amount of regrind is available, and magnets can be installed. The unit is controlled by the standard Movacolor 8-inch touch-screen controller and is able to communicate with almost every system. The OPC-UA communication protocol ensures compatibility with Industry 4.0 technology.

The dosing system was developed to allow processors to use a high percentage of low-bulk-density regrind without compromising the consistency of the end product, said Movacolor. Some brand owners are setting 50% or higher regrind thresholds, it added, but injection molding and extrusion machines cannot handle a large quantity of non-repelletized flake. Although repelletizing regrind can partially solve this problem, it jeopardizes sustainability goals and increases cost. A better solution is to rely on upstream equipment such as the MCHigh Output 2500R, said Movacolor.

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