Two-stage plastic pellet classifier includes removable screening deck 

Witte screening deckTwo-stage Witte 700 series classifiers from process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co. (Washington, NJ) automatically screen plastic pellets through two, consecutive screening decks, each of which is perforated with holes adapted to the specified pellet diameter.

As pellets enter the in feed, proprietary vibratory technology spreads them into a single layer and guides them toward the screens. The system is designed for the removal of oversize, long and so-called short-long pellets: Off-spec pellets are collected via two discharge chutes for reprocessing while pellets that meet specifications continue their journey for conveying, processing or packaging.

The 700 Series two-stage plastic pellet classifiers feature an “overs” first-stage screening deck that can be quickly raised or removed without the use of tools. Included as standard on the 700 Series vibrating classifiers, the removable screening deck allows full access to the second deck below, ensuring cleaning is complete and blockages are quickly located and cleared.

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