W. Amsler showcases enhanced leak tester with vision system at NPE 

Amsler leak testerAn enhanced leak tester equipped with a vision system that can detect neck ovality issues will be featured by W. Amsler Equipment Inc. (Richmond Hill, ON, Canada) at booth S21067 at NPE2018. The company, which specializes in all-electric linear PET stretch blowmolders, will also highlight its standalone spin trimmer for stretch and extrusion blowmolding.

The leak tester comes with one or two cameras and a lighting system that is installed over the top of the conveyor. The bottle inspection unit operates on either a continuous motion or indexing conveyor. 

Bottles sized from 10 millilters to 20 liters can be inspected at a rate up to 18,000 bottles/hr. The unit provides high-speed detection of holes as small as 0.006 inches and can check for obstructions in the bottle neck and variations in wall thickness. Optional features include color deviation, batch counting, fallen bottle detection, can inspection and larger-size container inspection systems.

The B&R color touchscreen operator interface features a graphical display of test results, an icon-based menu system, recipe storage, password protection and automated self-test feature.

The standard conveyor is 6.5 feet long; extended lengths and widths are available.

W. Amsler also will showcase its spin trimmers for trimming PETG, PET, HDPE, PVC, PE and PP containers in either two-step stretch blowmolding or extrusion blowmolding plants. The compact, standalone unit is built with powder-coated steel for extended life; castor wheels enable easy transport throughout the plant. The spin trimmer handles container diameters up to 200 mm at a rate up to 6000 jars/hr.

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