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Back-to-back valve gating in hot runners for stack tools

Article-Back-to-back valve gating in hot runners for stack tools

Stack tools provide molders with the opportunity to greatly increase productivity, and the use of stack valve gating of hot runners is a popular option, but existing designs limited it to setups with offset cavities on each parting line. A new option from Husky allows for back-to-back valve gating on its stack hot runner line. Husky says this gives designers more options for stack mold layout, and the back-to-back valve gates reportedly offer superior quality and wider processing windows compared to thermally gated hot runners. Using Husky?s new Ultra nozzles with simplified plate installations has allowed a layout where a single center plate contains the cross manifold and air lines needed for valve-stem actuation. Cavity-to-cavity balance is achieved with naturally balanced melt-flow channels, and in a family tool, sequential filling is possible through specified air line design. Depending on the application, Husky offers its Ultra 500, 750, or 1000 Series nozzles, which provide various gate spacing scenarios. Larger parts can go with a 2-by-1 center-gated design, and smaller parts could go up to 2 by 12. If abrasive or crystalline materials are being processed, a wear-resistant VX tip can be ordered. As in all Husky hot runner systems, a three-year leak-proof guarantee backs the company?s Ultra Seal technology.
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