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Baerlocher to double Indian PVC heat-stabilizer production

Additives supplier Baerlocher (Münich, Germany) will increase capacity for the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) heat stabilizers at its plant in Dewas, India, doubling output of its one-pack stabilizers by adding 7000 tonnes/yr of capacity. The expansion, which will cost nearly €1 million, will be completed in two stages with work initiating in December of this year.

The new capacity will focus on the production of low-dusting flake stabilizers that are primarily used in PVC pipe extrusion. Baerlocher says this expansion will help support the continued growth of irrigation and water-management projects throughout the country.

Baerlocher's additives production is focused on plastics, with a particular emphasis on PVC. Its offering include a range of stabilizers based on CaZn, CaOrg, Pb, BaZn, and Sn. The company supplies what are known as "one-packs" under the Baeropan brand. Baerlocher, as others in the PVC industry are doing, is transitioning from lead- to calcium-based stabilizers. PVC products include Baerostab stabilizers and co-stabilizers; Baeropan stabilizer/lubricant one-packs; Baerolub lubricants; and Degalan processing aids and impact modifiers.

Baerlocher has 13 production sites around the world, with headquarters in Munich, and research and development carried out in Germany, France (Marseilles), Italy (Lodi), and the U.S. (Dover, OH). In a new report, The Freedonia Group said worldwide demand for plastic pipe is forecast to increase 4.6% annually through 2012 to 8.2 billion m, or 18.2 million tonnes. [email protected]

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