Polyamide cooling pipe tackles temperature in EV battery pack

DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers, a newly formed business segment within DowDuPont’s Specialty Products Division offering engineering plastics, elastomers, lubricants and specialty silicon material, has successfully developed a cooling pipe for electric vehicle (EV) battery packs in collaboration with Taizhou ChangLi Plastics Co. Ltd., one of the leading automotive tubing suppliers in China.

Excellent chemical resistance makes PA 612 a safe choice for liquid cooling pipes for electric vehicle batteries.

As one of the largest suppliers of long chain polyamides (PAs), DuPont has developed and patented a chemically-modified PA 612 product with the combined features of excellent flexibility, improved chemical and stress cracking resistance. These specialty polyamides are widely used for automotive fuel and cooling systems thanks to their excellent resistance to fuel and water/glycol coolant as well as other automotive chemicals.

Being a major component of electrical vehicle, large numbers of battery packs utilize liquid cooling system to keep their batteries working at the most efficient temperatures. Moreover, it is critical to use the correct tubing material in order to achieve this target. The cooling pipe made from DuPont’s chemically-modified PA 612 has showed great performance during validation process and passed very demanding application test from battery pack manufacturers.

“It’s the first time for our long chain polyamide product to be used in a cooling pipe application for an EV battery pack. Moreover, T&AP is the preferred supplier in this field due to its proven product performance and strong technical support capability,” said Benjamin Pan, APAC Marketing Manager for Chassis and Component, DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers.

“As one of the largest automotive tubing system suppliers, we believe EVs have a very bright future in China. In collaboration with DuPont, we are confident that we will be able to set our footprint in this fast growing market very successfully,” said Weng Ya Dong, Chairman of Taizhou ChangLi Plastics Co. Ltd.

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