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New disposable straws report cites bioplastic options, Repsol's bio-polyolefins reduce medical sector's carbon footprint, biopolymer soap packaging from artichoke leaves and peapods.

One of the most dynamic categories in plastics is for bioplastics aka biopolymers and related bio-based materials made from renewable sources.

The articles PlasticsToday publishes related to this high-interest, fast-accelerating topic represent only the fraction of what’s happening in this market. That’s the idea behind this new curated stream of Tweets drawn from Twitter dedicated to bioplastic news, research, and innovations that will be updated frequently.

To keep the stream fresh, content will be limited to about the last three to four weeks, please check back regularly. 

May 2023 report on disposal straws includes bioplastic alternatives gives up a lot of information for free.

Repsol's bio-attributed polyolefins to reduce the medical sector's carbon footprint.

Packioli soap packaging is made from artichoke leaves and pea pod bioplastics.

EcoLogicStudio turns algae into air-purifying biopolymer "tree".

Performance Biofilaments to begin commercial production in Canada of world’s largest nanofibrillated cellulose for products including bioplastics and thin films.

AIMPLAS researching PHA-based barrier coatings for bioplastics.

Biodegradable, hemp-based material created in Canada could prove to be a sustainable substitute for plastic product packaging.

Impressive 3D-printed installation by acclaimed architect is the centerpiece at a London establishment.

A better whey to make biopolymers? Research addresses dairy byproduct.

Podcast: Circular polymers from sugar.

Color-changing biodegradable food wrap can alert consumers to spoilage.

New leather substitute is made from discarded mango pulp and biopolymer.

First-ever PHA-lined paper cups for hot beverages.

Compostable bioplastic netted bags for oysters are made from beechwood fiber.

Colorful new masterbatches for bioplastics from Teknor Apex, UBQ.

Perstorp introduces world’s first 100% renewable polyols with negative carbon footprint.

New bio-based polymer can replace traditional plastics in medical applications.

Versalis acquires renewable chemicals company Novamont to expand its bioplastics footprint.

The Foodcycler invention can process bioplastics, too.

Amorphous PHA added to FDA’s Inventory of Food Contact Substances.

New home-compostable biopolymer from BASF for paper-based food packaging.

Greenfield investment opportunity in seaweed harvesting for bioplastics and more in world’s largest open-ocean farm.


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