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December 1, 2001

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'Rotatable Tuning' Feedblock Is Adjustable 'On The Fly'

December, 2001

2001ding.jpgExtrusion Tooling:

'Rotatable Tuning' FeedblockIs Adjustable 'On The Fly'

Cloeren's Rotatable Tuning (RT) Coextrusion Feedblock is said to broaden customers' processing options because it offers some of the economies of Cloeren's Fixed Geometry(FG) Feedblock with a level of flexibility closer to that of Cloeren's patented Variable Geometry (VG)Feedblock.

The feedblock features Rotatable Tuning pins that are said to be adjustable on the fly, to make altering material structures a 'quick-change' process. With rotatable pins located at the flow stream convergence point of each flow channel, multiple tuning profiles can be achieved on each channel.

Rotating a different face of the pin into the exit channel varies the geometry of the exiting material simply and quickly. A positive locking mechanism on each pin ensures consistent operational accuracy and efficiency throughout every run. The RT Feedblock is available in configurations from two to five layers.

Like all Cloeren feedblocks, the RT features either a Cloeren Selector Plug or TopHat layer sequencing design. Both of these designs are said to pro-vide an easy means for altering product layer sequence. By changing a cylindrical cartridge, the Selector Plug enables operators to change product structures in less than half an hour without completely disassembling thefeedblock.

The more recently developed TopHat offers another solution for rapid product changeover. It is particularly suited to high-output, vertically mountedfeedblocks, and multiple-layer, low-viscosity applications.

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