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August 23, 2008

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Automating insert molding

Arburg?s production cell for these insert molded nylon handles (right) uses a 300-ton Allrounder S and horizontal Multilift H robot for 30-second cycles.

Arburg, which makes its own automation systems to accompany its molding machines, demonstrated a complete production cell for producing a control knob with an encapsulated metal center nut. Besides a 300-ton Allrounder S molding machine, the system at the show included a bulk separating facility for the insert feeding system, a horizontally operating Multilift H robot with part-specific gripper, and a sprue picker.

Supplied in bulk, the insert nuts are separated on a vibrating spiral conveyor that also positions them relative to cavity separation distance. Four inserts, one per cavity, are picked up and pressed onto a pin in the gripper and held by a parallel pneumatic gripper. During insertion, the gripper is pin-centered on the nozzle side and the inserts are pressed into the mold by springs. The inserted nuts are encapsulated in nylon and the molded parts are removed by the gripper while the sprue is picked.

During the next molding cycle, the four finished parts are moved by a special pivoting motion of the B-axis into a tubular chute that leads to a station that packs them in a preprinted film bag. Cycle time is around 30 seconds for the 10g parts and the entire process is controlled by Arburg?s Selogica machine control system.

Arburg Inc., Newington, CT
(860) 667-6500; www.arburg.com

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