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Blowmolder in the spotlight on FBN October 8

The Fox Business Network will provide a nationwide TV audience with an inside look at one of Ohio’s most successful and innovative small manufacturing operations. Blow mold maker Century Die Company, which manufactures molds primarily used for molding plastic bottles for the automotive and household products industries, will be featured on FBN, October 8 at approximately 8:30-8:44 pm CST.

Clare Goldsberry

October 4, 2013

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Blowmolder in the spotlight on FBN October 8

“The bottles formed in these molds are used in the majority of households across America,” commented Tim Myers, general manager of Century Die (www.CenturyDie.com). “Often consumers do not realize that the cleaning supply, laundry detergent or automotive care products they are using come in bottles created in a manufacturing chain that reaches back to Century Die Company in Fremont, Ohio.”

The segment was filmed by Dallas, TX-based Marvel Production Group LLC (MPG), which produced a segment called “Manufacturing Marvels" that regularly airs on the network. Century Die Company and other manufacturing innovators across the country are featured in a two-minute “spotlight” of capability and manufacturing prowess.

MPG visited the Century Die plant on September 24, where they were immersed in the company’s engineering, production, QC and manufacturing methods. While on site, MPG captured the diversity of operations, the depth of engineering, the importance of quality, and the efficiency of the plant itself.

Over its 70-year history, Century Die has produced molds for almost every major blowmolder in America and therefore thousands of consumer product lines have been touched by the team at Century. The company currently employs over 70 people at the facility.

Myers added, “This broadcast will give us more national exposure and a visual representation of a manufacturing facility that has grown over seven decades to successfully produce the most innovative molds and tooling in the industry.”

If you miss the FBN’s presentation, you can view the segment on Century Die’s web site after its air date at www.CenturyDie.com.

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