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June 1, 2008

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Blown-film coolers slash energy use

ExtrusionThe established range of ABF coolers from this manufacturer has been extended, doubling the available cooling capacities and air volumes that can be handled for high-output film lines. These coolers provide precision controlled air temperatures establishing fixed parameters for efficient management of blown-film extrusion lines. With control tolerances to one-tenth of a degree and attainable air temperatures down to 3˚C, increases in productivity of up to 30% can be achieved, according to the manufacturer. With many blown-film line manufacturers adding a second air ring for outer bubble cooling, lines may now be equipped with three blowers for cooling air?main air ring, internal bubble cooling, and a second air ring for outer bubble cooling.To meet this trend, a new series of triple-circuit ABF units with independent temperature control for each circuit has been introduced to complement the existing single- and double-circuit systems. Triple units typically include a high-capacity circuit for the main air ring and lower-capacity circuits for the internal and outer bubble cooling.ABF units have traditionally been supplied with integral water-cooled refrigeration condensers, with cooling water for the condenser either taken from an existing factory cooling water supply or supplied via dedicated air-blast water-cooling units. New from this firm are its ?split condenser systems.? With these, the air-cooled condenser is mounted external to the factory, remotely from the ABF, ensuring no heat is exhausted into the processing environment. Removable air filters, previously an option, are now incorporated as standard throughout the ABF range.Conair, Cranberry Township, PA, U.S.A.; +1 724-584-5500; [email protected]; www.conairnet.com

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