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Blown film line created for Research and development

July 1, 2002

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Blown film line created for Research and development

NP-CVR_Randcastle.jpgThe Microblown film line was shown for the first time at Antec 2002 in San Francisco. Its entire mechanical assembly has a footprint of just 30 by 30 inches, and the complete line (with the control panels stacked vertically) adds another 12 inches to the length.

The film line is designed for research, development, and quality control applications. It makes film from about 1 to 18 inches wide. The line reportedly allows the user to test and improve resins, additives, and colorants, and can be used to test for elongation, impact, shine, transparency, and gels. In quality control applications, a user can test viscosity (with the online rheometer), gels, melt strength, pressure, and contamination. Secondary testing of film strength is also possible.

The line uses vertical compounding screw extruders ranging from .25 to 1.25 inches in diameter. To withstand the stress of feeding, melting, mixing, and pumping the screws are driven through the metering section. The metering section?s root diameter is reportedly about 2.4 times as strong as the weak feed-section root diameter.

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