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September 1, 2001

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Blown Film Winder Provides 'Ergonomically Correct' Alternative

September, 2001

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Blown Film Winder Provides 'Ergonomically Correct' Alternative

0901pn-19.jpgThe TEC-2 blown film winder features a center winding arrangement that uses a lay-on roll assembly to wind and transfer the web between two stationary spindles. Stationary spindles are said to provide a more stable winding platform and to reduce the complexity in gearing and wiring.

The TEC-2 also has a swing-out hoist, shaft extraction and roll handling unit that reduces operating lifting requirements and provides for a more ergonomically correct winding operation. The overhead hoist swings the roll out of the winding position so that a shaft puller can remove the shaft. The roll is completely supported, eliminating the operator's need to lift. This method is said to be "far superior" to swing-out shafts since the heavy, full roll does not need to be 'jockeyed' off the shaft.

This winder is designed as a general-purpose unit to serve the majority of the blown film market. It is said to be capable of winding 300 ft/min and features automatic cut and transfer in two directions and an ac flux vector drive system. It is available in widths of 44 to 84 in. and produces rolls up to 30 in. dia. Manual models start at less than $100,000, while an 84-in. TEC-2 Plus model with shaft handling capabilities is less than $200,000.

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