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Nozzle, tip assembly designed to improve molding

August 23, 2008

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Nozzle, tip assembly designed to improve molding

Two new machine components?a self-actuating gas-assist injection molding nozzle and a self-aligning injection molding tip assembly?are designed for ease of use. The nozzle has a simple design with only one moving part. The shutoff system is positive and features a unique stainless steel spring arrangement. The nozzle, which works with gas-assist pressures up to 8500 psi, is also usable with conventional molding. No hydraulics or pneumatics are required, and it contains no seals. It screws into a standard barrel thread?1 3/4 by 8?and is usable with stiff and glass-filled materials. Other sizes, tip openings, and angles are available to fit any machine?s specifications. Retail price of the nozzle is $5500.

The tip assembly has three parts that screw easily into the end of any nozzle. The assembly permits radius alignment between the sprue bushing and nozzle tip while compensating for misalignment up to .04-inch travel in all directions. Assemblies are made from hardened and polished standard H-13 steel but can be designed and manufactured from different materials to meet any and all requirements. When wear occurs, only the self-aligning tip is replaced, thus saving money and ensuring the integrity of the intended alignment. Retail price of the tip assembly is $325.

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