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PM Engineered Solutions has added a Negri Bossi injection thermoset molding machine to its offerings. This acquisition allows PMES to expand its current thermoset capabilities, as well as continue to provide high-strength components through the Negri Bossi's manufacturing functions (25-363 ton, 22oz shot capacity shot-to-shot consistency, controlled process, repeatability).

PlasticsToday Staff

April 10, 2014

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PM Engineered Solutions adds a Negri Bossi injection thermoset molding machine

The Negri Bossi is a custom thermoset plastic molder that uses a wide range of commercially available resins (granular phenolic materials, BMC, etc.) to create products that are heat resistant and electrical grade, and are glass reinforced as well.

Thermoset injection molding is a process that transforms granular material into molded shapes. During the molding cycle, thermoset plastics undergo an irreversible chemical reaction, or cure, brought on by heat, pressure and time. Once cured, it cannot be reshaped by melting and reprocessing. Cured thermosets have a highly cross-linked chemical structure which allows them to retain their mechanical and electrical properties as well as dimensional control over a wide temperature range.

This thermoset process allows for hproducts to be applied to multiple uses across the board, including electrical, power supply, firearms, and insert molding to create a wide range of applications. The thermoset injection molding process begins by adding granular or pelletized material to a hopper. The material is gravity fed into a barrel and screw, which heats and moves the material toward the mold. The material is injected into a hot mold which has been clamped shut under enough force to keep the mold together while the material is forced into the cavity under high pressure. The plastic flows through a runner system in the mold to reach all the cavities. When the mold cavities are filled, the parts cure to a solid form.

PMES says the company is now excited to further strengthen its capabilities through the Negri Bossi, as well as maximize its proficiency in problem solving issues with customers' preexisting thermoset components. With this, PMES will take tooling from an existing manufacture, fix problems with the components and work to correct quality concerns.

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