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Injection molding machine manufacturer Husky Injection Molding Systems (Bolton, ON, Canada) has enhanced its HyCAP range of machines for molding of beverage closure molding. The update comes just a few months after Husky acquired KTW, one of the world's leading manufacturers of closure molds, with the machines now optimized to run KTW molds.

PlasticsToday Staff

September 26, 2011

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With KTW on board, Husky updates its HyCAP molding cells

According to Husky, the update and enhancements lead to several molder-friendly advantages including enabling faster cycle times and improved energy. A new screw design offers improved plasticizing rates while allowing lower melt temperatures so that resins' mechanical properties are not harmed. The reduced melt temperatures also result in cycle and energy savings, with less waste and heat loss. Powerpack upgrades have also been incorporated to help enable faster cycles. Husky introduced its HyCAP range at NPE2009.

Husky's acquisition of KTW in May 2011 allows Husky to offer the closure industry complete injection molding systems, including mold, machine, hot runner and temperature controller. "Since bringing KTW into the Husky team, we've brought the businesses together to provide everything from application review through to test and support as one system supplier," said Jeff MacDonald, VP marketing at the manufacturer.

"The closure market is a top priority for Husky and our new HyCAP system improves on the previous system in many ways, allowing us to deliver increased value to our closure customers," added Mark Fitzpatrick, Husky's business manager, closures.

Husky says it also made the HyCAP system easier for molders to getup-and-running with the implementation of SmartStart, which automates certain startup procedures. Similarly, a program called SmartStop allows for automatic production stoppages and faster restarts following cycle interruptions.

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