Video documents road trip of plastic-filled tiny house

Project designed to show how plastics enable energy efficiency

Last November, PlasticsToday toured a tiny house in the company of Zack Giffin, co-host of Tiny House Nation on the FYI network, at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. The Plastics Make it Possible program from the American Chemistry Council (Washington, DC) worked with Giffin to build the ingeniously designed 170-square-foot house that uses a plethora of plastic materials to create an energy-efficient home. Obviously, the same techniques can be applied to larger homes, saving homeowners money while reducing their energy dependence.

Built in Boulder, CO, the tiny house spent three months in Los Angeles and is now on display at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Plastics Make it Possible has posted a video, produced by Eastward Films, documenting the home’s cross-country road trip and the friends it made along the way. Ever wonder what a tiny house dance party might look like? Enjoy!


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