Andalusia creates plastics cluster

More than 40 companies in Spain's Andalusia region have formed the Andalusian Plastic Cluster. The cluster brings together private companies and public organizations in a collaborative spirit.

Under the leadership of the Technological Center for Plastics (Andaltec), public institutions and plastics industry companies will work side-by-side to generate quality jobs and sustainable wealth for the region.

The Plastic Cluster has strong institutional support. A recent founding ceremony in the castle of Alcaudete welcomed important officials such as Javier Carnero, Regional Minister of the Andalusian Department of Labor, Business and Trade; Francisco Reyes, President of Jaen’s provincial government; and Francisco Buenano, President of Andaltec Foundation; among others.

During his speech, Carnero announced that his department is close to passing the new Cluster Strategy for Andalusia 2017-2020. “This initiative is intended to foster the presence of these business clusters and demonstrate that they are not only smart companies in the development of competitive capabilities but also powerful structures that are perfectly aligned with the general interest of industrial policies,” said Carnero.

The Regional Minister also highlighted the strength of this industry, which is represented by more than 420 companies in Andalusia. They are particularly concentrated in the province of Jaen, where multiple companies working in the automotive, agriculture and packaging sectors are located.

Buenano added that this initiative will allow the revitalization and internationalization of small and medium-sized companies working in the plastics industry. He asserted that “new business opportunities will also arise for companies, as well as new networks for markets, products and services. All of this will be possible thanks to an increase in R&D activity for all the companies taking part in this cluster.”

Reyes reminded the group of the enormous importance of the plastics industry to the province’s economy. “Jaen contributes with 25% of all companies within this sector in Andalusia, which generates more than 10,000 direct and indirect jobs,” he said.


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