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Piovan, an Italian manufacturer of a complete range of auxiliary equipment and services, including feeding, blending, drying, and recycling systems, is celebrating 50 years as a machinery supplier to the plastics industry.

Clare Goldsberry

April 4, 2014

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Auxiliary machinery manufacturer Piovan celebrates 50 years in business

Constante Piovan & Fugli was founded in 1934 in Padua as a metalworking shop equipped with machine tools such as lathes and a few milling machines. However, it was not enough for Constante Piovan to produce molds for his customers. He understood that he needed to go beyond meeting the market's expectations and deliver better quality, more ideas, and more solutions, said Piovan in a release on the history of the company.

It was an avant-garde idea: customer orientation was his business approach from the get-go, long before marketing gurus defined this concept as a necessity. This principle has guided the three generations that have grown the company, including Luigi, Constante's son, who joined the company in 1960, and Nicola, who took the helm in 2000 and led the company to become an international supplier.

Since 1964, the year Piovan launched its first equipment on the Italian market—a granulator and material loader—the company has grown into a multinational with five production facilities in Italy, Germany, Brazil, China, and the United States. The company also has 21 subsidiaries, representatives in more than 70 countries, and employs 900 employees, 140 of which are customer assistance engineers.

In addition to feeding, blending, drying, and recycling systems, the company has expanded its product line to include industrial chillers and temperature controllers. The company integrated its array of equipment with proprietary production monitoring and control software.

The experience gained over the years has enabled Piovan to acquire vast knowledge in polymer processing techniques, which it shares with customers. Piovan is more than a supplier of auxiliary equipment, partnering with customers globally to find solutions to their plastics processing challenges.

Nicola Piovan noted that the last 50 years of the company's accomplishments would not be possible without the dedicated sharing of Piovan's ethical values, individual and collective, that gave life first to a dream and then to a leading enterprise.

"The quality of Piovan products, in fact, would not exist without the quality of its staff, without their enthusiasm, their concrete ability and vision, and, most importantly, their pride in being part of Piovan," said Nicola Piovan. "The best way to celebrate our first 50 years in the world of plastic is to continue to do so with passion for our work, living the life of a company well aware of its key role, going on step-by-step, innovation after innovation, always by the customer's side, because we believe that there will a lot more to write about our history."

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