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February 1, 2000

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Machine Leveler Compensates For Sloping Or Uneven Floors

 Machine Leveler Compensates For SlopingOr Uneven Floors 

pn1-0200.jpgWedgmount Precision Levelers have a series of interlocking disks that can be inserted at any time to change the vertical height of machinery weighing up to 250,000 lb.

Manufactured by AirLoc, the levelers are free-standing,bolt-on/through machine mounts that can provide up to 3 deg of self-alignment to compensate for uneven flooring. They adjust vertically from 9 to 25 mm using a hex wrench.

The interlocking disks come in six sizes ranging from 9 to 50 mm thick to add vertical height. The split design allows for final adjustment after a machine is assembled. The disks have two holes: one drilled and tapped for the machine and one clear for the floor.

To provide stiffness and stability, a thick pad on the bottom of each of the machine mounts has a 0.75 or better coefficient of friction. Prices range from $85 to $3500, depending on the size.

Franklin, MA

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