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Machine-mounted all-metal separator

July 1, 2006

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Machine-mounted all-metal separator

A latest machine-mounted electrically powered separator, an electronic metal detector designed for the plastics industry to complement its widely used FF Series drawer magnets, is engineered to detect and reject all types of metal contaminants and can be installed directly at the infeed of extrusion, injection, and blowmolding machines. Compact, cube-shaped machine mounted separator units fit where headroom is limited and work with both gravity and pneumatic systems. They are built to support the weight of hoppers, conveying components, mixers, and other equipment.

The separator uses a high-tech sensitive triple-coil metal detector engineered to sense and remove both ferrous and nonferrous metals?including iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, lead, and tin?from moving virgin and regrind material. Units react to all conductive metals and reject even small metal contaminants as small as 0.5 mm. Unlike some other units that have a blind-spot during the rejection phase that allows contaminants to slip past, the machine mounted separator features a fast, pneumatically-driven slide gate combined with a venturi-driven vacuum rejection mechanism. This design, aided by adjustable sensitivity and timing, is said to yield accurate detection and rejection cycling. By helping to prevent metal scrap from entering processing machines and contaminating final product, these separators can reduce machine damage.

Bunting Magnetics, Newton, KS
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