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Machines cut time, save energy

May 1, 2003

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Machines cut time, save energy

pro_foc_6.jpgHybrid em Series electric/hydraulic injection molding machines are said to reduce cycle times by 9.7 seconds as compared to MHI?s 850T all-hydraulic machines. They also open and close the mold faster?up to 1.3 times faster than MHI?s conventional models. The electric machine with a hydraulic core is said to save up to 60 percent on energy consumption. Thanks to its integrated hydraulics, the em Series also saves space, measuring about 32 feet long.

To ensure parallel, accurate application of clamping force at all points, two-platen mold clamping applies pressure at four points. Even in unbalanced mold conditions, the mechanical structure of the clamp is reportedly unaffected. For use in injection compression applications, a two-stage clamp system with low- and high-pressure stages helps control mold clamping pressure. The two-stage system allows gas to escape from the cavity, preventing sink marks and warping.

A servomotor drive increases the accuracy of mold closing and opening. The drive helps prevent take-out robot chuck errors because even at the highest speed setting, the mold-open stop position is stable and repeatable.

Long platen supports help resist tilting and keep the moving platen and mold parallel. Linear-motion guides with low-friction qualities protect high-sensitivity molds. Waterproof telescoping covers keep contaminates away from the linear rail, maintaining accuracy. Machine models range from 720 to 1200 tons.

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