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May 1, 2000

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npe44.jpgWhat's Hot! The Feinpruef Spinning Pump Div. Mahr GmbH (Goettingen, Germany) has redesigned its line of Pressure Increase Pumps. The Polymar gear pump, was developed for 'difficult' applications, like the processing of delicate materials. It is said to meter with high precision and low pulsation. It is also equipped with special lubrication abilities and seal arrangements, which can be specificed according to the product and operating conditions.

The placement of the Polymar gear metering pump between the extruder and die head stabilizes the flow rate and pressure into the filter pack. Because of its ability to create it's own pressure, the process has stabilized pressure and accurate flow beyond 350 bar.

In addition, the Polymar gear metering pump can be heated with either an aluminum heat jacket or cartridge heaters. Both heating methods make it possible to regulate the temperature individually in accordance with the demands of the process.

Mahr offers the Polymar gear metering pump as a stand-alone unit, or with a complete drive assembly (with base plate, motor, controller, pressure and speed regulators and heating and temperature controllers). It can be manufactured in various types of steel to meet the demands of specific applications.

Other features cited: high metering accuracy over a range of pressures and temperatures, production rates up to 250 tons/day, rated capacities from 0.3 to 3000 cc/revolution, reduced energy requirements and integrated pressure/speed regulation. Circle 300

Booth Personnel Mark Cauthen, Kelly Sharon

Key Contact Mark Cauthen, VP Sales ­ Tel: 704-525-7128; Fax: 704-525-8290;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.mahr.de 

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