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March 1, 2007

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Material drying for low-volume throughputs

The Drymax ES40 model yields a dry airflow of 23.5 ft3/m and is suited for minimal material throughputs. It works independently of ambient conditions to provide a constant dewpoint of -40°F and throughputs of approximately 37.5 lb/hr depending on the material to be dried. An optional high-temperature feature goes up to 356°F, and an additional return air cooler can be retrofitted into the filter housing. The dry-air generator is mounted with the drying hopper on a compact cart with four casters for portability. The drying hopper can alternatively be mounted on the plastics processing machine and the dry-air generator beside it, or both units can be mounted directly on the processing machine. Depending on the material throughput, the dry-air generator can be equipped with a 30-, 50-, 70, or 100-liter drying hopper.

Stainless steel components prevent resin contamination. The hopper can be loaded with material with a vacuum loader, or, if only a small quantity of material is to be dried, directly via a manual stainless steel filling cover. Material can be transferred to the molding machine with a vacuum loader via the stainless steel vacuum takeoff adapter, or the dryer will discharge material via a manual slide gate into a container or bucket as requested by the user.

The operator interface uses the standard manufacturer keypad for user familiarity. The keypad visualizes the actual status of the units and has an easy interface for operating the miscellaneous functions of the dryer. A material saver function helps avoid the over-drying and thermal degradation of the resin in the hopper. The energy-saving counter airflow regeneration method, as well as the SmartRegen function that controls the minimum heating time during the regeneration phase, keeps energy costs to a minimum.

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