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March 1, 1999

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Product News - Cavity Flow Analysis Program Added To Part Quote Software

Cavity Flow Analysis Program Added To Part Quote


Mold Fill is a new cavity flow analysis program that will now be bundled with The Molder's Technician, Spirex's software program that provides part quote computation and other functions.

The Mold Flow program is designed to allow molders to predict the moldability 'window' for injection molding. This 'window' is said to be the first step in planning a new job. Mold Fill provides a simulation of the actual flow, not just a spiral flow, which can be optimistic in its predictions.

Molders can quickly trial alternative materials, temperatures, sub runner sizing, gate dimensions and cavity thickness. Once the parameters have been selected, an accurate flow scan of injection times with expected pressures, temperatures and shear rates can be generated.

Users can make allowances for sprue and main runners and make crucial design and processing decisions. The program makes it easy for molders to experiment with range of mold and melt temperature and even has a provision for editing or adding new material rheologies so that the software never becomes dated.

The new enhanced program is offered at a discounted introductory price of $1000.

Spirex Corp.

Youngstown, OH

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