The Return of Talent Talk, a Weekly Jobs and Business Blog

Hi, and thank you for reading the first Talent Talk blog in about eight years. We will be doing these weekly, focusing on topics that are of interest to anyone who has a career in the plastics industry or is responsible for hiring and managing others. Every week we'll cover things like:

  • What to know when presented with a counter-offer
  • What will the newly proposed plastics laws mean for industry jobs?
  • Is my non-compete agreement binding?
  • How can my small company get good people?
  • Signs your career is getting stale
  • M&A activity, and what it means to you
  • The best ways to network within the plastics industry
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We will also have conversations with the decision makers who are shaping the plastics business and talk about trends and what the future may hold. We’ll look at things like automation, offshoring vs. reshoring, tariffs, sustainability, new technology, recycling, and much more.

Please leave a comment or e-mail me with any ideas you would like to see discussed relative to jobs or business issues. I read every comment. Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you or someone you know would be good to talk with about industry trends, business expansion, and the like. Help me spread the good news about what is going on in your company and in the plastics industry!

Paul SturgeonAbout the author

Paul Sturgeon is CEO of KLA Industries, a national search firm specializing in plastics, packaging, and polymer technology. If you have a topic you would like to see discussed, a company that is growing, or other ideas for this blog, e-mail Paul at [email protected].

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