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June 1, 2000

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System Automates Threaded Insert Installation

System AutomatesThreaded Insert Installation

0600pn-39.jpgThe Dodge Products Group of Emhart Fastening Teknologies has introduced a system designed to automate the process of setting threaded inserts into plastics. The Automated Installation System is said to eliminate the need for vibratory feeding bowls and hand feeding.

The new system is said to have several advantages over vibratory bowl feeding systems: the knurls and fins that hold an insert in place, once it is set, remain at their original sharpness (because they are not bouncing around in the bowl feeder), no chips or dust are created to clog the feeding system and insert-jams are reduced.

The system consists of reels of Dodge inserts, aligned one by one on a rolled polyethylene strip, and a setting head. Two reels flank the setting head, and the strip of inserts is drawn through the head. The system is timed to stop when an insert is positioned directly over its hole. From the head of the feeder, a pneumatically actuated piston gently presses the insert into position, readying it for either heat or ultrasonic setting. The stroke of the piston is adjustable so a variety of inserts can be set.

The system is controlled by a PLC and has the ability to recognize if an insert has fallen from the belt. If this happens, the belt is automatically tensioned bringing the next insert into position.

A simple system like the one in the photo runs around $20,000 and includes the heat staker from Sonitek. An Automated Installation System can be purchased separately for around $9000 and can be retrofit on any type of heat or ultrasonic staker.

Emhart Fastening Teknologies
Shelton, CT

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