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Top 10 business articles—plus one—of 2016

Business by Dennis Skley
Award-winning journalist Clare Goldsberry recalls the stories of the year that she feels best defined the concerns of the plastics processing industry from a business perspective.

Some of you may wonder why PlasticsToday writes about business issues such as taxes, market trends, marketing, M&A activity and human resources in addition to new technologies, materials and applications, and machinery and equipment. Because I think of PlasticsToday as a business media outlet, I believe we have a broad field of topics that are pertinent to our readers, regardless of their roles in the industry. I also believe that it’s critical to the success of any company to know and understand all the factors that impact the businesses they own or in which they work.

Image courtesy Dennis Skley/flickr.

A number of years ago at a seminar where I was speaking on business issues for the plastics processing industry, I remarked that in my years of selling injection molding and tooling, and writing about plastics processing and moldmaking companies, touring their facilities and eventually engaging with them as I helped them create strategic marketing plans, I saw that many company owners had HIPS. No, they didn’t have high-density polystyrene; they had head-in-the-press syndrome. It’s an affliction that stems from owners and management not taking the time look up from molding parts or making molds to observe what’s going on in the country, in Washington, D.C., with customers and suppliers.

These are my top 10 business articles of the year (selected from the 100 most-read articles in 2016). I feel they best define the concerns of every business person in our industry. And while the article on Trump trouncing Clinton in the PlasticsToday poll is number 11, it’s real importance can’t be underrated. As a top plastics industry business and technical publication, PlasticsToday had the right call from our readers: Industry people from the heartland know what they want.

  1. Another automotive supplier victimized by General Motors’ purchasing strategies
  2. If oil is so cheap, why do my plastic parts stay the same price?
  3. Making it in China is not the bargain it used to be
  4. What NASCAR pit crews can teach mold set-up teams
  5. Purchasing leaders do not have a seat at the table of many large companies
  6. Molding tricks for higher profits, parts 1-4
  7. Reducing injection molding cycle times is a good thing, right? not necessarily
  8. Toolmaking is really the oldest profession, and it needs your support
  9. Family-owned businesses face unique challenges
  10. Pricing your work – the machine rate enigma
  11. Trump trounces Clinton in PlasticsToday poll (this one was important because it foretold how the industrial mid-section of the country felt about taxes, regulations and other issues that negatively impact small businesses).
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