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At busy NPE, Conair books almost $2 million

Article-At busy NPE, Conair books almost $2 million

Chicago, IL—Exhibitors are virtually unanimous that NPE2009 is a good show, but auxiliaries supplier Conair (Cranberry Twp., PA) had solid proof of that before the show was half over. The company had already signed two separate purchase agreements for multiple units of its single-stage EnergySmart (ES-1) material drying systems that total nearly $2 million. And this for a product introduced only a bit more than a month ago.

One of Conair’s new orders alone was worth more than $1 million. Needless to say, there were a lot of smiling faces around the Conair booth in the south hall of Chicago’s McCormick Place, where NPE is in full swing. Gene Flockerzi, the company’s general manager for PET and packaging, noted that the ES-1 system had already recorded almost 20 sales to customers in China, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

Flockerzi said PET processors everywhere really want to get control of their drying process, adding, “They like the fact that they can achieve the same low kWh/kg regardless of changes in total cavitation or material throughput.” ES-1 was designed for PET processors and others needing high drying temperatures for applications with varying throughputs and in areas with high electrical costs.

Building on technology used in Conair’s original two-stage EnergySmart system, the dryer will handle resin throughputs from 400-5000 lb/hr (182-2273 kg/hr). In its Optimizer mode, the system uses info gathered by the Conair Drying Monitor to regulate air temperature, dew point, and air flow. Enough heat energy is added to the material in the drying hopper to maintain optimum temperature profile, and no more. Once proper conditions are established, they can be locked in with one touch of a finger.  The controls can tune the air-flow, temperature, and dew point to keep the temperature within the hopper stable despite changes in throughput, material temperature, or the environment. [email protected]

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