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CAM software has upgraded look, feel

Article-CAM software has upgraded look, feel

CAM software has upgraded look A number of improvements have been made to Surfcam CAD/ CAM Systems software in Surf-ware?s 2000 release that increase its capabilities and make it more user-friendly, according to its manufacturer. The most noticeable change in the two- to five-axis PC-based program is the interface, which has been redesigned to speed learning and operation time. Shortcuts such as pull-down menus, hot keys, and icons enhance navigability to the software?s features. Those who prefer the old look need not worry, though?it may be viewed by selecting the Classic Mode.

Among the new machining features is one called Pencil Cut, which automatically generates and machines cutter intersections between multiple surfaces. Built-in intelligence optimizes toolpaths for fast, accurate cuts between surfaces. Another upgrade, intended to decrease design time and suggest intuitive features, is a snap cursor. It automatically finds drafting elements such as endpoints, intersections, perpendiculars, center points, midpoints, and snap-to-grid functions.

Z-level roughing and finishing routines have also been improved for more reliable material removal and finishing. Surfware reports greater accuracy and no gouges in the toolpath in complex cutting operations.

Planned release for Surfcam 2000 is early March. Pricing information was not made available by the manufacturer.

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Westlake Village, CA
Phone: (800) 787-3927
Fax: (818) 991-1980

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