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CAM software for wire EDMs

Article-CAM software for wire EDMs

Esprit/W version 5.0 is the latest in a line of CAM software designed for wire EDM machine tool programming. The software reportedly features improved simulation controls for Mitsubishi, Charmilles, Charmilles Fanuc, and Agie machines.

Knowledge Based Machining for Mitsubishi has been upgraded to include a technology database. This new tool provides factory-recommended cutting technology for Mitsubishi machines currently on the market. Users have access to the software?s automated cutting strategies, such as roughs-first, each cut, and per-cavity. These functions work to maximize unattended operation and are also included in the cutting strategies available to Charmilles machine users with either the Charmilles or Fanuc control. Using this tool, the system generates the complete program, which may consist of one or more G code (ISO) or command (CMD) files. The command file programming supports contour and pocket/no core cutting machining cycles.

Advanced Conic (complex tapering) programming on the AgieVision now features a programming flag on the technology page. Programmers can generate four-axis programs without manually programming the axes, thus automating the process and eliminating errors. Further improvements include a new glue strategy to program a glue or tab stop so skim passes can be run unattended. In addition, a new speed control bar allows users to manipulate the slider and move simulation speeds up and down in WindowsNT and 2000.

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