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Clear plastic packaging manufacturer VisiPak talks Flex Products acquisition

Article-Clear plastic packaging manufacturer VisiPak talks Flex Products acquisition

With the acquisition of Flex Products, transparent plastic packaging processor VisiPak, a division of Sinclair & Rush, has expanded its geographic reach.

, transparent plastic packaging processor VisiPak, a division of Sinclair & Rush, has expanded its geographic reach.

"VisiPak acquired Flex Products in order to give ourselves an East Coast presence, which allows us to be closer to many of our customers," Jeff Barket, director of sales and marketing for Sinclair & Rush, told PlasticsToday. "This in turn, shortens lead time and transit cost for our customers. In addition, we wanted to add Flex Products' ultra-clear line of packaging containers to our packaging portfolio."

The move expands VisiPak's current line of plastic tube containers to include additional shapes, sizes and closure styles while increasing its manufacturing capacity.

Both companies have been manufacturing packaging products for more than 50 years and will continue to operate independent manufacturing facilities that utilize extrusion, thermoforming and injection molding processes. VisiPak is based in St. Louis, MO while Flex Products will continue producing in Carlstadt, NJ.

Flex Products offers a line of clear plastic packaging containers and vials. Barket said the company offers many additional sizes and shapes including squares, rectangles, ovals and triangles that VisiPak has not traditionally provided.

An additional benefit of the acquisition is that Flex Products' customer base will now have access to VisiPak's complete line of packaging solutions including its own line of plastic container packaging, clear folding cartons, and flexible vinyl caps for use with its plastic containers, he said. In addition, VisiPak manufactures plastic clamshell packaging, blister packs, and packaging trays using the thermoforming process. Both companies will continue to offer decorating, design services, contract packaging, assembly and fulfillment services.

"With the acquisition VisiPak will be much closer in proximity to many of the world's leading consumer and industrial manufacturers," Barket said. "However, the markets that both Flex and VisiPak have sold to are very similar. The combination of the two companies will provide our customers more options from which to choose."

As a result of this acquisition, VisiPak will receive hi-speed printing and automated assembly as well as additional injection molding and thermoforming processes.

"Visipak and Flex Products share several key fundamentals, such as a vision for differentiated growth in the marketplace, strong technology platforms, and a high performance culture committed to operational excellence and providing quality products," Barket said. "Through this acquisition, we expect to accelerate our growth efforts and expand our presence as one of the largest plastic container manufacturers in North America."

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