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CNC robotic degaters are floor or beam mountable

Article-CNC robotic degaters are floor or beam mountable

Two new CNC programmable degater systems have been developed?one, the Robocut, is floor mounted, and the other, the Aeroboy, is directly mounted to the robot beam manipulator. The Robocut receives the molded part in its own fixture from the manipulator on the robot and automatically moves the sprue with parts to preprogrammed multiple gate locations for degating. Using its ?endless rotary air check,? Robocut provides rotation beyond 360° without problems associated with twisting hoses. Features include dual position of the chuck head, which is easily positioned to the right or left of the vertical traverse column, allowing optimum space between the molding machine and the gate cutting tool; a teaching console that can memorize 20 programs for different modes of operation and offer 10 programmable operating speeds; optional air nippers; and a rotary cavity separator. The Robocut costs $17,995.

The Aeroboy minimizes floor space and high labor costs often associated with hand degating of sprues. Once the part is in place, the Aeroboy moves to preprogrammed multiple gate locations for degating. It can be programmed to cut any gate configuration on different molded parts, therefore saving mold setup and change time. It can also be programmed to match the robot manipulator?s operating sequences to operate together in sequence. The degater can be installed onto any brand of molding machine starting with 150- to 200-ton clamping capacity. It can also be expanded to work on 850-ton machines with larger X-Y-Z travel requirements. Aeroboy costs $9995.

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