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Booth N-6126

What's Hot! A bunch of new products will be introduced, but detailed information will not be available until NPE. New offerings include:

* Ultra Blend II gain-in-weight gravimetric blenders

* CSPE-30/50 powder conveying loaders

* CT-55 twin-screw powder feeders

* CS-85 single-screw feeders for pellets and powders

* C-2 Mega Touch multiple-line touch-screen controls

* CSE-30/50 self-contained loading systems

* Colorblend-S additive feeders for very small dosing on small injection molding machines

* Ultra-Ex Controllers using gain-in-weight and extrusion control

* Wood Feed System loss-in-weight feeders for dosing of wood fiber and composites for wood product extrusion

* M-75 small granulators for small injection molding machines

* The Nova Blend System, a joint product technology between Colortronic and Waeschle that is said to be a "dramatic or paradigm change in how PVC compound will be made."

Existing Products On Display will include the Rotary Valve for automation of materials distribution, CSK loaders, granulators, system components (glass elbows, hard-coated cast conveying branches, proportional valves), portable dual-bed dryers and extrusion controllers. Circle 286

Booth Personnel Rob Edwards, Marc Adcock, Jim Bell, Roger Hultquist

Key Contact Rob Edwards, EVP/CEO ­ Tel: 856-312-9600; Fax: 856-312-9696;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: 

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