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Combination Mold Temperature Controller/Water Chiller TargetsAll-Electric Injection Molding Machines

Article-Combination Mold Temperature Controller/Water Chiller TargetsAll-Electric Injection Molding Machines

Combination Mold Temperature Controller/Water Chiller Targets All-ElectricInjection Molding Machines

Opti Temp Inc. has designed a combination mold temperature controller and water chiller, which is being targeted at users of all-electric injection molding machines. At the heart of this unit is a new patented refrigeration circuit that allows a water chiller to operate at loads from zero to full capacity and throughout a range of temperatures from 40 to 190 F. This is made possible because the patented refrigeration circuit allows the compressor to run all the time. Temperature stability, which is especially important when running engineering materials or when ISO or QS standards need to be met, is rated at ± 0.01 to 0.02 F.

The company's President, Don Williams, says that all current mold temperature control units require an external source of cooling water and that all current water chillers have a maximum temperature of approximately 70 to 80 F. So when a molderpurchases an all-electric injection molding machine, the only reason toalso purchase a water chiller is toprovide cooling for a mold temperature controller.

The Opti Temp Combination Unit can be used as a chiller when the molder is running cold molds on the injection molding machine, and it can be used as a mold temperature controller when the molder wishes to run hot molds. Williams says the self-contained unit does not need an outside source of cooling water.

To operate the unit, a machine operator only needs to enter the desired temperature into the digital temperature controller. Ten models are available for injection molding machines runnng between 5 and 100 lb/hr. Prices are said to be higher than that of a conventional mold temperature controller but lower than a mold temperature controllerand chiller.

Opti Temp Inc.
Traverse City, MI 

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