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Avient Commercializes Fiber-Reinforced Composites with Recycled Content

Image: Alamy/Behubsch-Stockimo recovered fishing nets
Incorporating recycled nylon 6 material reclaimed from end-of-life fishing nets, the long-fiber composites provide stiffness, strength, and toughness on par with formulations using virgin resin, according to Avient.

Materials supplier Avient announced today the commercial availability of Complēt R long-fiber-reinforced composites, which incorporate post-consumer recycled nylon 6 material reclaimed from end-of-life fishing nets.

The introduction of its first first long-fiber composite with recycled content is part of a larger planned portfolio based on recycled resin, said Eric Wollan, General Manager for Long Fiber Technologies at Avient. “Historically, it has been a challenge to source streams of recycled resins that are compatible with the pultrusion process used to manufacture long-fiber composites. But we’re committed to leading the industry by offering sustainable options even in our performance-critical materials like long-fiber composites.”

Complēt R nylon 6 long-fiber composites can help OEMs to meet their goals for using materials containing recycled content, said Avient. Potential applications include lighter-weight gear for outdoor recreation, next-generation vehicles that go further using fewer energy resources, and recycled-content office furnishings that contribute toward LEED certification for buildings.

Complēt R nylon 6 long-fiber composites provide stiffness, strength, and toughness performance on par with standard nylon 6 long-fiber formulations using virgin resin, said Avient. The materials have the structural capability necessary to be used as an alternative to metals. Using these composites as a metal replacement also fosters significant weight reductions along with the time and cost savings benefits of single-step injection molding.

Formulations are available globally in a standard black color at typical weight percentages of long glass fiber, long carbon fiber, or hybrid combinations. Levels of post-consumer resin content vary within the offerings, which allows end products to meet different performance and sustainability requirements.

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