Aurora Plastics compounds material offerings with acquisition of S&E Specialty Polymers

Aurora Plastics LLC (Streetsboro, OH) announced today the acquisition of fellow compounding company S&E Specialty Polymers (Lunenburg, MA). Aurora Plastics’ second acquisition this year, the move represents the company’s initial expansion into thermoplastic elastomers and further expansion into the company’s flexible PVC capabilities. The S&E buy builds on Aurora Plastics’ ongoing commitment to offering the highest quality PVC products in the industry backed by the best customer service, said Aurora in a press release.

“S&E has a strong history of solving customer problems with unique compound solutions, combined with a strong focus on customer service and response,” said Darrell Hughes, CEO, Aurora Plastics. “Aurora and S&E share a common focus on being our customers’ first choice in polymer compounds.” 

The combined company offers a broad range of custom compounding capabilities and technologies, including:

  • Rigid PVC powders;
  • rigid and flexible PVC pellets (cubes and hexcut);
  • clear, opaque and colored flexible PVC with a variety of properties;
  • rigid cellular PVC;
  • clear rigid and flexible PVC;
  • PVC/acrylic pellets;
  • chlorinated polyethylene;
  • custom thermoplastic polyolefin;
  • low-smoke, zero-halogen compounds;
  • styrene-butadiene-styrene and styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene block co-polymers;
  • plastic concentrates; and
  • purge compounds.

The acquisition further expands Aurora Plastics’ supply chain and manufacturing footprint across the United States and Canada, allowing more efficient support for customers. Aurora Plastics operates four PVC compound production facilities in the United States and Canada.

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