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March 1, 2006

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Compound-angle gundrilling/milling system

The Varioflex 30 gundrilling/ milling center is designed for the tool and mold industry, and is said to have a large working range and high machine rigidity in all working directions. The machine has a rocking lever system, developed by the company, and allows drilling of compound-angles in only one fixation so that moldmakers can reduce set-up time and operational costs. The machine combines both gundrilling and deep hole drilling with conventional machining (milling; counter boring, and threading). With its capacity to drill diameters over 2 inches, the machine is ideal for machining large molds. Features include compound drilling of angles; gundrilling and conventional machining in one axis; parallel-kinematics for optimal flexibility, accuracy, and reduction of positioning times; and double-sided bearings for the milling spindle for increased rigidity. The drill spindle is said to reach most any position on a mold, allowing true 3D machining, and automatic changeover between gundrilling and conventional machining is possible.

TBT Division/Nagel Precision Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 426-5650

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