Compound growth: Aurora Plastics buys Reinier Plastics

Aurora PlasticsPVC compounder Aurora Plastics LLC (Streetsboro, OH) announced today the acquisition of fellow compounder Reinier Plastics Inc. (Plastique Reinier Inc.) of Marieville, QC, Canada.

“The acquisition of Reinier allows us to build on both companies’ commitment to customers while expanding our product offering and footprint,” said Darrell Hughes, CEO. “Aurora Plastics has established strong business relationships with its customers. For 25 years, Reinier has had the same focus. Our goal is to be our customers' first choice in polymer compounds, enabling their success through innovation, consistent-high-quality products and exceptional customer service.” 

Specifically, the combined company will offer a wider range of custom PVC compounding capabilities, said Aurora Plastics, including:

  • Rigid PVC powders; 
  • rigid PVC pellets (cubes and hexcut);
  • clear, opaque and colored flexible PVC with a variety of properties;
  • rigid cellular PVC (AuroraLite);
  • clear rigid PVC;
  • PVC/acrylic pellets (AuroraShield); and
  • purge compounds.

The acquisition also expands the combined company’s supply chain and manufacturing footprint. It will operate three PVC compound production facilities across the United States and Canada in Marieville, Streetsboro and Welcome, NC.

“We viewed Aurora as the best partner to enable Reinier’s next phase of growth and we’re very excited to continue this journey with our customers and employees,” said Luc Tremblay, President, Reinier Plastics. “Aurora’s commitment to growth, including planned investments in our Quebec facility, is a big positive for our customers, employees and supplier partners.” 

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