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August 23, 2008

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Food contact mold purging compound

NP_MouldsPlus_ac.gifMoulds Plus International has introduced to North America Ultra Purge PET-E, a mold purging compound that is EC-certified for food contact PET products. The latest in the full line of Ultra Purge compounds, the PET-E grade was developed in cooperation with several large PET preform producers and molding machine makers, and follows on the heels of an Ultra Purge compound introduced last year to clean accumulator blowmolding machines making PP and PE food contact products.

PET-E is designed for both injection molding and extrusion applications. In production tests with preform makers, Ultra Purge PET-E permitted sub-15-minute color changes and production resumption as rapidly as the third shot. Equally important to those preform makers was the compound?s double certification under the European Union food and drug laws, generally said to be stricter than those of the FDA. One certificate covers the molded purging compound itself. The other examined preforms made in the third molding cycle after restart to show that Ultra Purge had not reacted with the PET during the cleaning cycle.

Moulds Plus International, Long Beach, CA
(714) 360-2202; [email protected]; www.moulds.org

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